WinVotes® brings you the convenience of a web-based system to easily organize your campaign and direct volunteer efforts as well target and track communications with select voters.


Develop campaign strategy by analyzing voting history

Create voter groups to target campaign messaging

Organize walk & phone lists to maximize direct voter contact

Manage phone scripts and calling activity in real time

Secure access through the Internet


WinVotes® Online provides 24/7 access to potential voters ...


A customized universe is built to align with your resources that is easily updated or modified by our database administrator to meet changing campaign needs.


With our "Volunteer Phone Banking" application, you create and assign scripts to callers who can access them through the Internet from any computer.


Tracking call results is simple and automated by utilizing bar code technology or updating individual voter records.  results are updated instantly along with call list for real time monitoring of campaign activity.


Generating reports to organize precinct walks or phone banking can be printed on demand.


Navigating is as easy as clicking through your favorite web site.


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